Pita Falafel Sandwich with Tahini


Freshly baked pita filled with our famous falafel, chopped salad, pickles, tahini and hummus.

All sandwiches are served with tahini, pickles and amba souce on the side

Choose your side

Chopped Salad Small (+$2.99)

Chopped Salad Medium (+$5.99)

Falafel 5pcs (+$5.99)

Falafel 10pcs (+$10.99)

Fried Eggplant 2pcs (+$5.99)

French Fries Small (+$2.99)

French Fries Medium (+$5.99)

Extra Toppings

1 Pieces of Fried Eggplant (+$2.00)

Small House Fries (+$2.99)

Extra Spicy 1 Oz (+$0.50)

Tahini 2 oz (+$1.50)

Amba 1 Oz (+$1.00)

Garlic Confit 2 Oz (+$2.00)


No spicy

No Tomatoes

No pickles

No Cabbage

No Onions

No tahini

No cucumber

No Israeli Salad

No hummus